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What we Believe
Business Strategy
Market and business structure evaluation to develop precise, efficient and sustainable business strategy.
Brand Strategy
Solid and meaningful brand positioning based on brand core value to ensure a meaningful and emotional connection with target audience.
Creative Strategy
Most efficient and sustainable communication methods and channels derived from brand strategy and creative thinking.
Cultural Strategy
Societal, cultural and business insights and analysis reports to help brands remains agile, relevant, and innovative.
Integrate experience, service and product to create multi-channel and memorable brand adventure.
Emotionally driven stories developed in ways to entertain, inspire, and connect with brands.
Creative suggestions layered with deep cultural connotation based on insights, consumer demands, and business value proposition.
Spacial Design
Innovative communication approaches through comprehensive sensory experiences to connect audience and brands within the concept of aesthetics and nature of art.
Marketing Plan
Draw out the most comprehensive marketing plan by understanding needs and trends as well as streamlining online and offline resources and touch points to help brands stay relevant within current culture.
Integrated Communication
Define brand's character to ensure consistent voice throughout communication execution and maximize efficiency.
Events and Exhibition
Launch events, exhibitions, and offline events combined with curated content to increase brand publicity and connect with audience.
Digital Communication
Structure digital communication strategy, website, content, and KOL management to encourage conversations and increase brand awareness.
Project Integration
Cross-collaboration and management to see through process from strategy to creative execution
Visual Design
Multi-faceted visualization to deliver and reflect brand core message
Motion Design
Integrate motion and sound to evoke audience's emotional connections with brands.
Film Production
Narrate stories through creative and unique lens of talents.
In-Dept Reports
Provide in-dept reports with unique perspectives and approaches on lifestyle, design, culture, arts and experience.
Content Marketing
Curate precise articles, media and cross collaboration deliverables via editors' unique approach and perspectives based on insights.
Content Creation
Develop valuable content that best resonates with audience based on demands and current cultural trends.
Media Events
Partner with stakeholders to create multi-facted online and offline media events.
Public Relations
Brand Promotion Strategy
Identify the right audience and bring to life brand messages through tailored PR strategy.
PR Consulting
Develop holistic online and offline PR activations integrated with cross-collaboration to maximize performance.
Media & Communication Management
Communicate brand's central message through a variety of methods across mediums including media and KOL to elevate brand impression.
Event Planning and Execution
Establish successful brand exposure through well-rounded PR events.
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