Samsung Taiwan|Subversion 20 Photography Exhibition – Galaxy S20 Flagship Series

Planned by Group.G in collaboration with Taipei Metro Corporation and Samsung Taiwan, the “Subversion 20” photography exhibition is held at the Hsinzhongshan Linear Park between Zhongshan and Shuanglian MRT stations. This exhibition transforms public spaces with alternative visual aesthetics and embodies the spirit of subversion and challenge.

For this event, we invited renowned contemporary artist Zhou Qinghui to lead the project. Using the Galaxy S20 Ultra, Zhou photographed notable subversive figures from various industries in Taiwan. Seven enormous portraits of these subversive figures are displayed in the outdoor exhibition area, sparking curiosity and awe in viewers. In addition to showcasing the smartphone’s incredible megapixel capabilities, the exhibition aims to convey the message that anyone can challenge the status quo and embody the spirit of subversion.

Year 2020
Client Samsung
Contribution Offline Events、Curation、Film & Motion Graphic、Design
Client| Samsung Taiwan
Curation| Group.G
Designer| Sheng Lin