The Macallan|The Harmony Collection-A Journey of Harmony to Cocoa Planet

The highly anticipated first release of The Macallan’s new annual limited series, “The Harmony Collection Rich Cacao,” has whiskey enthusiasts eagerly awaiting its concept and flavors. An immersive experience, “THE HARMONY Journey to Cacao Planet: Exploring Harmony,” has been created with the same philosophy. In Taichung, an immersive pop-up store brings The Macallan together with the creative culinary journey of Spain’s Michelin three-star restaurant, El Celler de Can Roca, to central Taiwan. The public is invited to visit Cacao Planet and embark on an exquisite flavor journey of cocoa and whiskey. Through AR (augmented reality) technology and custom filters, explore the allure of “The Harmony Collection Rich Cacao” annual limited edition and the secret realm where nature and craftsmanship perfectly merge.

Year 2020
Client The Macallan
Contribution Strategy、Pop-Up Activation、PR、 Media、Social Communication


Group.G created an experiential event centered around the “Cocoa Concerto,” combining multi-sensory content and a cross-sensory dining event. The event features Liu Guan-Ting and Annie Chen as one-day store managers, and includes a UGC event with a dedicated AR filter to enhance media buzz for the opening of the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi department store in Taichung, creating a high-impact 360-degree immersive experience.

Client| The Macallan
Creative Agency| Group.G